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Artist Club rogo

This line of shaving razors is the result of our expertise at combining superb technology with new materials. These products are made of new materials that offer outstanding resistance to heat and chemicals. These revolutionary products can be sterilized - handles and all - simply by immersing in boiling water.

Artist Club DX

Product No. ACD-R

Artist Club DX Razor

Made of high-quality materials, this product offers outstanding
performance and great ease-of-use.

Artist Club SS

Product No.
Artist Club SS Razor

Artist Club SS razor is made for more comfortable and smoother shaving feeling. Rounded shape of the tip of razor and the moderate blade exposure make the shaving feeling softer and smoother.
Professional Blade rogo

Professional 01

Professional Blade
20 blades contained   (0.254 mm blade thickness)

Product No. PB-20

Professional 02

Proguard Blade
15 blades contained
 Total thickness 0.350mm
 (Blade thickness 0.150mm , guard thickness 0.1mm x2)
 Product No. PG-15


Styling Razor rogo

Styling Razor Product No. SR-K , SR-FP , SR-AB , SR-S

This popular model is designed for safety, excellent ease-of-use, and outstanding performance.
This razor has won over many users as the ideal styling razor.
Styling Razor Straight (regular type) black handle (fuchsia pink ,aqua-blue , silver handle also available.)
  Product No. SR-K , SR-FP , SR-AB , SR-S

Styling Razor S rogo

Styling Razor S

This is a short-handled S-type razor.
The slightly smaller design of the short handle
(28 mm shorter than conventional handles) makes this the ideal razor for younger hairstylists.
Styling Razor S Straight yellow handle
  (Also available with orange , black and silver handle)
  Product No. SRS-Y , SRS-R , SRS-K , SRS-S

Styling Blade rogo

styling blade regular typeEX package CGEX-10

styling blade regular type CGEX-10

Styling Blade "Regular Type EX" has high confidence and fine performance , being used by many users as essential goods.

Styling Blade "Regular Type EX"   10 blades contained
  Product No. CGEX-10

styling blade thinning type  package TG-10

styling blade thinning type TG-10

Light styling with thinning effect
Feather has releaseced a Styling Blade "Thinning Type" that can demonstrate light styling with thinning effect.
In combination with regular type , new techniques can be brought about to the world of razor cutting.

Styling Blade "Thinning Type" 10 blades contained
  Product No. TG-10


napeRAZOR rogo

napeBLADE rogo

nape razor NR-K NR-H

napeblade NP-10

FEATHER Nape Razor is designed for nape shaving.
Elastomer resin made handle guarantees sure grip
during shaving.
Available black and gray.
  Product No. NR-K , NR-H

Spare blades for Nape Razor.
The blade guard protects stylist and client.
Product No. NP-10


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