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Environmental Commitment

Our mission is to contribute to delivering a better social life and enriching world cultures. We shall strive to protect the global environment, improve working environment based on 6S; Seiri (arrangement), Seiton (order), Seiketsu (purity), Seisou (cleaning), Shitsuke (training) and Shiki (morale), and contribute to local community.
Environmental commitment

We develop, manufacture and globally supply our blade products ranging from consumer razors to professional barber and beauty products, grooming tools, medical blades and industrial blades. Therefore, we shall implement environment protection activity from product development to production, sales, use and disposal to protect the global environment as follows:

  1. We shall establish environmental management system compliant with ISO 14001.
  2. We shall comply with environmental laws and requirements on business activity.
  3. We shall set concrete measures of environment protection activity which are technically and financially feasible as our environmental target and continually review and improve the activity.
  4. We shall work on energy conservation, resource conservation, waste reduction and recycling to protect environment.
  5. We shall prevent environmental pollution by substituting and reducing pollution substances.
  6. We shall work on reducing environmental load factors by implementing environmental assessment from product development to use and disposal.
  7. We shall actively implement green procurement.
  8. We shall enforce internal environmental audit to review, maintain and improve environmental management system.
  9. We shall inform everyone who works for our organization of this environmental commitment through internal publication and provide education for qualitative improvement of the environment protection activity.
  10. This environmental commitment shall be disclosed publicly.

April 1, 2017