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MICRO FEATHER Ophthalmic knife

"MICRO FEATHER" ophthalmic micro knife is manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel using Feather's original ultra-high-precision honing technology.
The ultra-sharp blade edges produced from carefully selected materials using a double honing process result in a sharp cutting edge and outstanding durability.
In addition to minimizing tissue damage during incisions, the consistent cutting quality makes it possible to produce an accurate incision size at all times, making this knife the ideal ophthalmic knife produced by Feather,
the most respected blade manufacturer in Japan.

Handle Types

"MICRO FEATHER" ophthalmic knife offers a selection of three types of handles, aluminum handle,
plastic handle and plastic handle with safety function to more effectively respond to the needs of as many surgeons as possible.
These handle types are sterilized by gamma radiation and can be used immediately after opening.
(The same quality of blade is used in these handle types to eliminate differences in cutting performance.)

Aluminum Handle

Aluminum handle is color coded for easy identification of blade shape and angle.
The handle design features optimum weight and a shape that fits easily in the hand.
The knife is housed in a heat-resistant plastic case.
The knife can be reused after being washed and sterilized by means of an autoclave while still in the case.

Aluminum handle

This knife can be autoclaved while still in the case for reuse.

This knife can be autoclaved while still in the case for reuse.
Plastic Handle

The plastic handle type features an economical price in response to requests for single use.

Plastic handle
Plastic Handle with Safety function

Feather Safeshield ophthalmic scalpel features wide range of blades with one-handed operation safety shield.
The safety shield is designed to minimize the risk of injuries and protect the sharp edge.

Slit knife(Flat shaft)
Implant knife
Slit knife(Flat shaft)Implant knife
Slit knife
(Round shaft)
Slit knife(Round shaft)
Crescent knife
Round tunnel knife
Crescent knifeRound tunnel knife
Incision knife Incision knife

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