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July 1932 Seki Safety Razor was established.
February 1953 Company name was changed from Japan Safety Razor Co., Ltd.
to FEATHER Safety Razor Co., Ltd
July 1957 25th anniversary.
April 1964 Stainless steel double edge razor blades introduced.
April 1967 Disposable haircutting blades introduced.
February 1969 Disposable surgical blades introduced.
June 1970 Disposable scalpels introduced.
November 1971 Disposable shaving blades for barbers introduced.
February 1974 Twin-blade system razor "FII" introduced.
March 1974 Disposable microtome blades for pathology introduced.
May 1974 Autopsy blades introduced.
July 1976 Scissors with interchangeable blades introduced.
October 1981 Razor exhibition room was opened in the Seki Plant.
July 1982 50th anniversary.
March 1984 Micro scalpel for ophthalmic surgery introduced.
July 1984 Construction of the FEATHER R & D Center was completed.
July 1991 Disposable blades for autoradiography introduced.
June 1992 "Styling razor" for haircutting introduced.
July 1992 60th anniversary.
October 1992 Participates as a cosponsor at the exhibition of the World Barbers and Hairstylists Conference in Tokyo.
February 1993 Myringotomy blade introduced.
May 1995 Neuro blade introduced.
January 1997 FEATHER medical production site was ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified.
February 1998 Seki Plant was ISO 9001 certified.
December 1999 Expansion of Seki Plant was completed.
All offices was ISO 14001 certified.
May 2000 "Tradition of razor museum/FEATHER Museum" established.
July 2002 70th anniversary.
February 2003 Construction of Mino Plant was completed.
September 2003 Export department office relocation.
July 2007 75th anniversary.
September 2010 10th anniversary of FEATHER Museum.
July 2012 80th anniversary.
October 2012 Construction of new Seki Plant was completed.
March 2013 Construction of head office was completed.
March 2015 Construction of new R&D Center was completed.
March 2016 "The world's first cutlery museum" FEATHER Museum reopened after renovating.
July 2017 85th anniversary.
July 2022 90th anniversary.