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Micro Surgical Blade for Fine Incision

Micro Surgical Blade for Fine Incision is a product developed as a special blade for micro surgery with a systematized blade and handle. A sharp precision tip realized on high-quality stainless steel and a highly original shape guarantee excellent ease of use and working efficiency which can hardly be provided by conventional blades.

Sterilized with gamma radiation
The blade is stored in a plastic case protecting the tip, seal packed and then sterilized with gamma radiation.
The blade is therefore available for use immediately after opening of the package.

Possibility of sterilization by autoclaving
The plastic case is made of an autoclavable resin which makes it possible to sterilize the blade by autoclaving while in the case.

Micro Surgical Blade for Fine Incision

Product No.    
K-5100 K-5100 K-5100
K-5110 K-5110 K-5110
K-5200 K-5200 K-5200
K-5210 K-5210 K-5210
K-5300 K-5300 K-5300
K-5310 K-5310 K-5310
K-5400 K-5400 K-5400
K-5410 K-5410 K-5410
K-5411 K-5411 K-5411
K-5420 K-5420 K-5420
K-5421 K-5421 K-5421
K-5500 K-5500 K-5500
K-5510 K-5510 K-5510
K-5520 K-5520 K-5520
K-5600 K-5600 K-5610
K-5610 K-5600 K-5610
K-6400 K-5600 K-5610
K-18R K-18R K-18R
K-15R K-15R K-15R
K-15L K-15L K-15L
K-12R K-12R K-12R
K-12L K-12L K-12L
K-15T K-15T K-15T
K-12T K-12T K-12T
K-30 K-30 K-30
K-50S K-50S K-50S
K-28B K-28B K-28B

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Packed : Box of 5 blades

Characteristics and effective method of use of Micro Surgical Blade for Fine Incision

K-5100 / K-5110
  • K-5100 / K-5110
  • K-5100 / K-5110
  • K-5100 / K-5110
  • Open a small slit in the dura mater with the blade, insert the guide part of the dura mater blade, and adjust the angle of the blade so that the tip may touch the dura mater at a right angle.
  • Pinch one end of the dura mater with a pincette, add tension and cut the dura mater while pushing it.
    (If the cutting is difficult, readjust the angle of the blade.)
K-5200 / K-5210
  • K-5200 / K-5210
  • K-5200 / K-5210
  • Cut the arachnoid membrane on the tissue and the blood vessel with the circular blade while gently pushing it.
    (if the tip of the blade cannot be seen well, use a single-side guard K-5210.)
  • A safety guard is provided, but the blade may penetrate deeper than necessary if you push too strongly.
    Start cutting gently and then increase the cutting power gradually.
  • K-5610
  • K-5610
  • The arachnoid membrane running on the blood vessel can be cut safely by means of a saw-tooth tip.
  • It is also possible to peel off the arachnoid membrane and the brain by using the side face of the blade.