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Feather surgical blades are available in either stainless steel or non-glare carbon steel that satisfies a wide range of demands of surgeons. The blades are individually packed and sterilized. FEATHER is a leader in technological innovation and the creation of extremely sharp, durable blades.

No.   Stainless Steel Carbon Steel
10 Stainless steel blade NO.10 Carbon steel blade NO.10
11 Stainless steel blade NO.11 Carbon steel blade NO.11
12 Stainless steel blade NO.12 Carbon steel blade NO.12
12d Stainless steel blade NO.12d
14 Stainless steel blade NO.14
15 Stainless steel blade NO.15 Carbon steel blade NO.15
15s Carbon steel blade NO.15s
15c Stainless steel blade NO.15c
20 Stainless steel blade NO.20 Carbon steel blade NO.20
21 Stainless steel blade NO.21 Carbon steel blade NO.21
22 Stainless steel blade NO.22 Carbon steel blade NO.22
23 Stainless steel blade NO.23 Carbon steel blade NO.23
24 Stainless steel blade NO.24 Carbon steel blade NO.24
25 Stainless steel blade NO.25

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Feather surgical blade No. 350, 370, 390, 391 and 390C blades are small shaped surgical blades,
suitable for microsurgery (fine incision) with microscope.
With appropriate shape and thickness, these blades are easy to control and to use for fine incision.
Compatible with Feather Surgical Blade Handles (No. 3, 7 and DF-160S-3).

Product No. Blade Thickness Shape

No. 350

Product No.350
Both side sharpening
Shape No.350

No. 370

Product No.370
Both side sharpening
Shape No.370

No. 390

Product No.390
One side sharpening
Shape No.390

No. 391

Product No.391
One side sharpening
Shape No.391

No. 390C

Product No.390C
Both side sharpening
Shape No.390C

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Various types are available to meet diverse needs. Each is scientifically designed for smooth loading, handling ease and perfect balance.
The handles are made of stainless steel (except DF-160S-3) to assure long life service and the blade integrates into the handle to form a single instrument. Handles No. 3, 7 and DF-160S-3 accommodate blades No. 10, 11, 12, 12d, 14, 15, 15c, 15s, 350, 370, 390, 391 and 390C. Handle No. 4 is designed for use with blades No. 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25.

Standard Handle (Stainless steel)
No. 3 No.3
No. 7 No.7
No. 4 No.4

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Titanium Handle (DLC Coating)

Round-shaped handle made of titanium alloy.
With smooth round shape, great weight balance and ideal length (160mm), this handle provide superior operability for incision in fine/deep area.

DF-160S-3 DF-160S-3

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Handle & Blade Compatibility
Handle No. Blade No.
No. 3、No. 7、DF-160S-3 No. 10、No. 11、No. 12、No. 12d、No. 14、No. 15、No. 15s、No. 15c、No. 350、No. 370、No. 390、No. 391、No. 390C
No. 4 No. 20、No. 21、No. 22、No. 23、No. 24、No. 25