Medical Products

Disposable Dermatome & Skin graft Blade

Disposable Dermatome

Feather Disposable Dermatome is used for removal of damaged skin and skin grafting.

  • Sterilized packaging.
  • Excellent sharpness (precision-processed wavy blade).
  • 58mm blade length (15mm longer than conventional razors).

Traditionally, disposable shaving razor has been used for dermatology treatments and skin grafting,
but there has been difficulties such as sharpness, handling and durability. With the technical guidance of top medical specialists, Feather developed the Feather Disposable Dermatome to provide exceptional cutting and handling ease.

Skin graft Blade

Feather disposable skin graft blade is made of stainless steel. Its sharp edge offers smooth shaving of burns,
and prevents snapping.
Skin graft blade 157mm is for use with the following knives: ROSENBERG, BRAITHWAITE, COBBETT, WATSON.

Skin graft blade
Dimension(mm):157(L) x 18(W) x 0.229(T)
Material:Stainless steel
Individually packed in aluminum foil and sterilized by Gamma radiation at 25 kGy. Supplied in box of 20 pcs.